Authentic alcohol-free

Amazonia is an alternative to gin that recreates the authentic taste of gin and burn of alcohol -without any!

This can only be achieved through advanced molecular technology, the best ingredients and traditional distilling know-how.

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  • Sugar-free and Vegan 🐰

    100% Cruelty free and has 0 calories

  • Safe for Pregnant 🫄

    Also safe for people breastfeeding and minors -18

  • 100% Natural & Handmade with Love ❤️ 

    All our bottles are handmade in Belgium

  • Safe for drivers 🚗

    Is 0.00 ABV so you can drink amazonia and drive!

"Our mission is to revolutionize drinking-culture. This can be achieved by making authentic alternatives to spirits which can help transform the bar-scene to become a more inclusive place – where you can be part of it regardless of whether you drink alcohol or not.

Sophie Defauw, Co-founder

How does our technology work?

To recreate a taste - a feeling - is not an easy task. It is not done by just distilling ingredients.

Our team spent years perfecting a way to mimic the feeling and authentic taste of Gin, even recreating its characteristic burning aftertaste through the use of innovative tech.

At Amazonia Spirits we use molecular isolation technology to isolate the specific flavours we aim to have in our drink. So instead of just distiling botanicals as most brands do, we choose the molecules of each botanical which give the characteristics we want, for example taking the bitterness of Kumquat without having its acidity nor sweetness. Amazing, right?

Why alcohol-free?

Let's be real, the drinking culture can sometimes be not very inclusive. You're just trying to have a good time, and suddenly everyone is asking you: "why are you not drinking alcohol?" Like, why is alcohol the only thing people question, whether you are drinking or not? I haven't seen people ask that much, for example, "why are you not drinking apple juice?" It's time to change that. At Amazonia Spirits, we are all about creating a safe space for everyone to drink whatever they want, without getting judged or questioned. Whether you're taking a break for health reasons, trying to avoid a hangover, or just don't feel like getting lit – it's your choice and nobody else's. Let's revolutionize drinking culture and make it a safe space for all: show the world what true drinking inclusivity looks like.

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The fun without the hangover

Are you tired of feeling the negative impacts of alcohol, like hangovers and long-term health problems?

At Amazonia Spirits, we get it.

Choosing to skip the booze, even for just one round, can do wonders for your well-being.

By drinking alcohol-free, you eliminate the health risks associated with alcohol, such as liver damage, increased risk of cancer and heart disease. Plus, you'll improve your mental wellness, sleep quality and avoid terrible hangovers the next day. And don't worry - you can still have fun without getting drunk – it's all about just being yourself!

  • Innovation

    We revolutionize alcohol-free spirits.

    After years of development we combine traditional distilling know-how with cutting-edge molecular technology to create wonders.

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  • Sustainability

    We believe that the key of a sustainable production is to give back to nature. Therefore, in addition to our reciclable packaging , we source or ingredients from responsible production and we are 100% CO2 neutral!

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  • Excellence

    We use only 100% natural high quality ingredients.

    All bottles are handmade in a small batch production to ensure the best quality.

    It is Co-developed with an award winning somelier, having the perfect flavours.

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  • Inclusivity

    With Amazonia we want to help transforming the drinking-culture and bar-scene into a more inclusive ecosystem. Where you can be whoever you want and drink whatever you want without any judgements.

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  • Wellbeing

    We offer a 100% natural, vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free alternative to traditional gin. With NO artificial flavoring nor colorants, Amazonia is perfect for those looking to reduce alcohol consumption while improving their physical and mental wellbeing.

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